Mr. Gyros in Greenwood will be back soon. Thank you for all of your love and support. Read More
Dear Neighbors, Community Members, Family and Friends,

Thank you for all of the outpouring love and support through this difficult and emotional time. With the help of everyone, Mr. Gyros Greenwood will bounce back, rebuild and be stronger than ever.

Until we are back in Greenwood, please show support for our Ballard and Wallingford locations. We have relocated our Greenwood employees to these locations in the meantime.

On behalf of the Mr. Gyros family, we thank you and will see you again soon in Greenwood.


256 NE 45th St
(206) 535-8841
Mon-Fri: 11am-8:30pm
Sat: 11am-3pm
Sun: Closed

8411 Greenwood Ave N
(206) 706-7472
Mon-Fri: 11am-8:30pm
Sat: 11am-3pm
Sun: Closed

5522 20th Ave NW
(206) 782-7777
Mon-Thu: 11am-8:30pm
Fri: 11am-2:30am
Sat: 11am-3pm
Sun: Closed

Microsoft Campus
Mon-Fri: 11am-2pm
Check Twitter for location

Locations closed from 4-5pm daily.


Tiny Greenwood Cafe Serves A Slice Of Greece
By Danny O'Neil - The Seattle Times
It's Mr. Gyro's — the formal title a sign of respect for the meal you'll find at this cubbyhole of a Greek restaurant in Greenwood. Delicious offerings include falafel, chicken shawarma and lamb gyro.
Cheap Eats: Mr. Gyro's
By Phuong Le - Seattle PI
The beef and lamb sizzles, slowly spinning on the vertical broiler as you watch eagerly behind the counter. With a long-blade knife, owner/cook Ahmed Asfour carves strips of well-seasoned meat that fall into a pan he holds in his other hand.
Awesome Cheap Eats
By The Stranger
Mr. Gyros turns out the solid standards of quick Middle Eastern food: falafel, schawarma, kabobs, baba ghanoush, and hummus. The chicken schawarma stands out: It's scented with a hint of cinnamon, slathered with tahini, and wrapped in a thin pita.
A Good Gyro Is Hard To Find
By Komo News
A good gyro is hard to find in Seattle. Fortunately, Mr. Gyros Seattle is here for all of your Greek food cravings. Recently voted the best gyro in Seattle, our growing reputation confirms our core philosophy that great food and stellar customer service lead to satisfied customers.
Make A Mess At Mr. Gyro's
By Naomi Bishop - Seattle Weekly
​In one of the few exceptions to the old 'order the specialty of the house' rule, the gyro is not my favorite item at Mr. Gyro's. Not that the gyro isn't quite good. Rather, it is that the endearingly messy lamb kabob plate is phenomenal.
Mr. Gyros
By Seattle Mag
​Watching the men slice strips of succulent, well-seasoned gyro meat off the spit is almost a religious experience: You know that in mere moments you’ll be experiencing gyro nirvana, all yours for $4.99. Warm flatbread, crisp cucumbers, red onions, creamy tzatziki sauce and tender meat—chicken, beef or lamb—combine in one tasty, portable package.